Wankelmut | Friday May 27

Jenja | Friday May 27
Life can catch you by surprise at any moment. For Jacob Dilßner, life showed him a chance and he grabbed it. Wankelmut was a young 24-year-old student and part time DJ who had just relocated to his hometown Berlin to study philosophy and political science. Then one night he started playing around with one of his favourite songs in Ableton Live, cutting, filtering and adding a simple 4/4 groove until Asaf Avidan & The Mojo’s bittersweet folk song “One Day/Reckoning Song” turned into what became one of house music’s biggest anthems in 2012. But back then Wankelmut was totally unaware of the impact this groundbreaking remix would have on his life.
Techno, house
Where you might have heard him
After uploading that first track to his Soundcloud and having it go viral within weeks, Wankelmut found himself in the midst of a full on internet hype. At this point, a few people in Berlin actually knew who Wankelmut was so sure enough he was offered DJing gigs in clubs like Sisyphos and M.I.K.Z which were actually his favorite clubs at the time. Only eight months later, Wankelmut’s remix was topping charts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands and various other European countries. Since then, Wankelmut’s schedule got busier every day, taking him on DJing gigs all over Europe. There hasn’t been much time to relax either, his studies are on hold for now and he is working on various remixes. Knowing that people’s expectations are constantly growing, he is taking it slow, sharpening his skills as a producer and not letting the pressure get to him.
Notable tracks
Without it even being properly released, the track became an anthem for that year. Various labels wanted to release the track on their label but due to bureaucratic obstacles they were not allowed to. Eventually “Four Music” released the official remix, having already released the original track and owning the rights. And while the official video has already been released “One Day/Reckoning Song” has already exceeded 18 million views! His release “My Head is a Jungle” also got quite massive – try check it out on Soundcloud or Youtube.
Why see him
This chap has obviously got talent uncontrollably pouring out of him. His tracks have blown people’s minds all over the world. After his show in Hu’u Bar last year he has been scouted and is back in Bali. Only now that he’s off to one of our favorite techno bunkers. Go check out Wankelmuts skills on May 27 for his debut at Jenja.


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