Stephane Pompugnac | Friday June 03

Mirror | Friday June 03
Stephane Pompugnac is an acclaimed DJ and producer from the south of France. His roots were surrounded by his fascination for music. Listening to pop, rock, and new wave, the moment that mattered most was when he found out about house in the late 80s. After finishing his studies he spent six months in London where he mixed at clubs such as Queen, Folies Pigalle, The Locomotive and Privilege. One year later he became the resident at Les Bains et Douche. Later in 1997, he was already a fairly famous DJ and reached out to friend Jean-Louis Costes, with whom he started events at the Paris Hotel Costes. The first compilation quickly turned into 10 and the ride of his life started at that moment.
House, electro, french house, hip house, downtempo, techno
Where you might have heard him
Pompougnac is a much celebrated multi platinum selling international DJ and producer. The Frenchman’s unique palette of sounds reaches far beyond the average producer, he has produced everything from acoustic indie to stylish and elegant lounge music that floats around genres like alternative rock pop, reggae, house and much much more. After 25 years in the business his album Bloody French, a new album that took two years in the making really shows his great knowledge on all types of music. On the album you can hear the skillful reinvention of lounge music with touches of house and deep house which actually entail in it the numerous trips to South America and far east he has been revisting in recent years.
Notable tracks
Stephane is an accomplished musician, composing and producing his own tracks as well as remixing for the likes of Madonna. His first two albums, Costes: France et Choiseul and Costes: La Suite were released in France through Barclay Universal; his increasing success bringing up another deal with MSI for his third compilaton, Etage 3, released in October 2000. These three compilations sold nearly half a million copies and each were heard all over the world. Now, after numerous compilations Stephane has sold over 5 million copies worldwide.
Why see him
It’s always a momentous occasion being in a club with a DJ that has been around since the beginning. One has to question what a DJ with such variety might bring to a two or three hour set. Check out for yourself what Stephane has in his record bag nowadays at Mirror on June 3.


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