Nuno Dos Santos | Thursday July 7

Woo Bar | Thursday July 7
Nuno Dos Santos is Portuguese-born Dutch DJ and producer who hails from the city of Utrecht. His first job in the scene was not as a DJ, but as a light jockey at a club in Utrecht. Immersed by music, he became a regular at a store where he would tape cassettes after college. It was when he got a job at another store that he started spinning records as well, and he would practice on the store’s record players after work. In 1993, he and his friends organized some underground house parties which also marked his first serious DJ gigs.
House, techno
Where you might have heard him
Proof of his abilities comes from the fact that he has headlined the most popular clubs around Europe and America. He has been the resident and key figure at Amsterdam’s Trouw and Club 11 where his unique sense of musical storytelling have developed and bloomed over the years. Furthermore, he has also been a regular guest at all the big dance festivals in The Netherlands, from Lowlands and Mysteryland, to Extrema Outdoor Festival and Awakenings Festival. This long-term experience then serves him well, helping him play his role as the label owner of Something Happening Somewhere (SoHaSo).
Notable tracks
Nuno is an acclaimed producer who has worked both solo and in collaboration. 2006 seemed to be his year. After meeting TJ Kong, he had his first ever production which was also a cover of Robert Armani’s “Circus Bells”. This track led them to sign a contract at Compost Records two weeks later, and it also pushed them to start their next project. In 2010, the duo released their broadly-praised full-length album titled After Dark, My Sweet. The album includes “Merging”, made with the help of Robert Owens who lent his soul voice for this pulsating track. His discography also includes “Hamming” and “Mon Toy”, as well as the remixes of André Obin’s “Night Owl”, Qbical’s “My Love” and Oniris’ “Kanumera”.
Why see him
Whether it is running his own label or producing music, we can feel that Nuno is utterly in love with what he does. He has been working tirelessly for years, and he has now been known as one of biggest underground names. Join the crowd at Woo Bar on July 7.

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