DJ Story #21: Joey Fitzgerald
 | England

Hi Joey, when did you become a Bali resident DJ?
In 2016.

Tell us your background in music
I grew up just outside of Liverpool, where everybody was trying to make it as a musician. I’d been playing drums, guitars and keys in bands since I was big enough to … and spent my teens and early 20s gigging around the UK and recording in punk bands.

I have a degree in Music from the University of Liverpool, which opened my eyes to the different ways to make a living from music outside of playing instruments, but it wasn’t until being dragged to Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival by my big brother that I got really interested in dance music and DJ’ing, so you can blame him for all of this.

Favourite styles to spin?
Utter sleaze .. Imagine the music from a strip club in the original Star Wars universe .. and you’re probably pretty close to what I play.

Current Bali residencies
Potato Head, 40 Thieves, Karma Beach, Kilo, Mama San, Ulu Cliff House, SVA.

(complete the sentence) .. “I love to play in Bali because ….”
I’m free to take risks and play whatever I want.

Thank you Joey… see you around the island. Where can we follow you?

Curated by Tony Montana

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