Category: What Do You Recommend, Barman?

Barman: D’Romeo Situated on the busy Jalan Legian, Soka promises a different vibe from any other club around this popular central part of Kuta, with its great music, new technology, interactive TVs and various choices of delicious tasting cocktails. One of the best according to their number one barman, D’Romeo,… Read More
Barman: Juli Parwata If you’re ever feeling hot and thirsty whilst wandering the Legian strip, chances are you will stumble across Vi Ai Pi restaurant. The Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri (IDR 79K ++) is the perfect drink to get your night started right, especially with barman Juli Parwata. This strawberry flavored… Read More
Barman: Kenny Steven At Playbar, sharing with your friends is ideal. Their menu is tailored for a sharing experience, especially when it comes to the large cocktails. Gather some buddies and head to Sol House Legian, as its ambiance serves as the perfect spot for some chilled out drinks. They… Read More
Barman: Joko Adityo The newly opened club on busy Jalan Legian, Lxxy, is a place where you can find colourful and tasty cocktails on their extensive menu. Each drink listed on their list looks for simplicity with a rich and sophisticated taste. According to bartender Joko Adityo, one of the… Read More
Barman: Yuda One of the fun, laid back dining options in Seminyak, The Beat Cafe on Jalan Petitenget is where you can find a great mix of sharing dishes like yakitori, Spanish and Mexican food, and of course, a selection of fresh tropical cocktails to complete your day or night’s… Read More
Barman: Wayan When you’re looking for something to cool you down, a freshly crafted brew sounds like a great idea. Get down to Hoi Polloi and beat the heat with their selection of crafted beers imported from Californian, Oregon and New Zealand boutique breweries. They also have local beers and… Read More
Barman: Dedy The glamorous yet casual Red Carpet Champagne Bar is meant for people who love a good time, and that also includes good drinks. And when you’re looking for a cocktail that kicks a punch without tasting like it, look no further than Red Carpet’s Espresso Martini (125k), as… Read More
Barman: Komang Having a perfectly chilled summer night requires a tight cocktail game, right? If you agree, head down to Kinky Tiki Bar and let their tiki cocktails prove it. One of their most in-demand offers, according to their barman, Komang Arya, is the pictured, supersized Threesome (150k). A sharing… Read More
Barman: Arnold When you’re in Sanur and feeling the heat, head down to BART at ARTOTEL Sanur and find their barman, Arnold, as he knows what’s best to serve on these steaming days. One of his recommendations might be one of their newest additions, the Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita (98k) that… Read More
Barman: Dewa When you’re feeling hot and thirsty at F Bar on Jalan Dhyana Pura, here is what you need! The Bloody Peachtini (125K), a fresh, peachy piece of perfection, recommended by the F Bar barman, Dewa. Taking the sophistication of the classic martini, pair it with sweet peach and… Read More