Dee Muay Thai Bali

Known as the art of eight limbs, Muay Thai has become vastly popular in the martial arts world. Muay Thai with its tremendous fitness benefits has not only earnt its place in many fighters’ [...]

Amo Spa Canggu

If you are looking for the real spa experience, I’m talking about top class therapists, high quality products and outstanding facility – then Amo Spa is the place to be. Taking the place by [...]

Empire Fit Club Bali

New gyms have been popping up in Bali for the past few years, mainly all over the Canggu area. While new trendy workouts seems to be born every week and the range of different training sessions [...]

Odyssey Mvmt Bali

Introducing the newest addition to Canggu’s fitness community, Odyssey Mvmt. Opened to the public in mid June and hosted the Grand Opening on July 13th, 2018 – the gym presents itself with [...]


Bali Climbing is a bouldering gym and healthy cafe located less than a five minutes leisurely walk from Canggu’s popular surf break. This most recent addition to Canggu’s fitness community has [...]

Maria Curau

The Spa is named after and opened as a tribute to a Brazilian woman who believed that the environment carried all one needed and that one’s health and wellbeing is harmonized when in unity with [...]


ROAR (RAW open air rooftop fitness) is The Joglo’s most recent project combining yoga, meditation, personal training with body-weight and body awareness sequenced workouts to get the best results [...]


The days where gymnastics was a completely separated world from the rest have long gone, more and more people have started to embrace the advantage of athletic benefit of gymnastics, and amazing [...]

Bali Training Center

Bali has become a popular fitness destination since Crossfit and MMA dominated the hip area of Canggu. Slowly but surely, it’s only natural that other areas on the island are following suit. For [...]

The Joglo

One of Canggu’s gems for family feasts and playground, The Joglo has been a one stop destination and has everything for a delightful day with friends, family and kids. With its concept as family [...]