Stephan Kotas

Prague born photographer, Stephan embodies the word versatile. He traveled the globe since a young age documenting adventures, shooting places and faces he met along the way. Finally, he found [...]

Iwan Sastrawan

Iwan Sastrawan is a Balinese artist born in Denpasar. After he graduated from studying architecture in Udayana University, he joined exhibition groups and has collaborated with other artists in [...]

Tien Hong

Tien Hong is a Balinese artist born in Kintamani. Even though he never imagined himself becoming an artist before he went to ISI (Indonesia Art Institute) Denpasar, today, he have been [...]

Trisno Adi Wirawan

Trisno Adi Wirawan started his art journey with expressionism, but an excessive jolt within has catapulted him into the world of abstract. He believes that abstract is the yoga of art, when the [...]

Laila Tifah

Originally coming from Yogyakarta, Laila Tifah had always had a creative mind ever since she was just a little girl. Despite choosing interior design as her major in university, she is now able [...]

I Kadek Suardana “Kacor”

Born in Bali, I Kadek Suardana “Kacor” pursued his childhood passion to become an artist by enrolling in the Art Institute of Yogyakarta. Slowly but surely he found his own character in painting. [...]

A.A Istri Ratih Aptiwidyari

Ratih, born in 1997, is a young artist residing in Ubud who has lived her life surrounded by various artistic influences including her grandfather, who is a traditional painter. Her surroundings [...]

Dodit Artawan

Expressing his fondness towards the world of art since he was just in junior high school, Dodit Artawan fearlessly take his own decision to pursue an art career by attending Art High School and [...]

Bayu Widodo

Born in a small town of South Sumatra called Lubuklinggau, Bayu Widodo traveled far to Jogja to attend the leading art school in Indonesia, ISI Jogjakarta, in 2000. That’s when he found out that [...]

I Putu Adi Suanjaya “Kencut”

Born in Bali, I Putu Adi Suanjaya “Kencut” pursued his childhood passion to become an artist by enrolling in the Art Institute of Yogyakarta. For all his life, he was always surrounded by art [...]