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When we see the artworks made by Ping Ping, we can immediately spot the bright color and feel the joy in it. Then, we heard his story behind each of the paintings and it made us realize that a little daily problem is a result of a big human ego.… Read More
Dominic C knew that photography would become his destiny at a very young age. After taking a formal education and establishing an impressive record in Europe, he is currently building a professional career in Indonesia. His works is all about beauty and love for women. He tried to reveal the… Read More
Dekta Suardita is an artists residing in Gianyar whose passion is to share knowledge and insights through painting. He is currently teaching art classes in Ubud’s one and only Pondok Pekak Library and his own studio called Dita Art Studio in Gianyar. His ideas and point of view about this… Read More
Dewa Gede Purwita or Purwita Sukahet as people call him is not only putting his mind into the visual component of his painting, but also a literacy component within his artworks which is also supported by fellow artists united under the roof of Gurat Institute. Purwita is now working on… Read More
Tri Haryoko Adi, going by the name ‘Uncle Joy’, started drawing ugly faces in 2000 in outboard around Legian, Double Six and Seminyak roads. After he settled in Bali, The ugly faces then developed into character drawings, doodles and also the use of traditional elements of Bali and Indonesian art.… Read More
Man Rukmana, born in 1961, has known art ever since he could remember. Currently residing inside his tranquil studio in The Stones Arcade building complex around the Stone Hotel area, his art revolves around love and beauty. Harmony among human beings is one of the main ideas that he wants… Read More
Windee Winata’s journey started off when he was living in Berlin back in 1996 when he bought his first SLR camera for his trips to Egypt, Greece and Turkey. Becoming instantly addicted to photography, he neglected his automotive engineering study for two and a half years, but eventually finished it… Read More
Born in Singaraja, Kadek Puja Astawa is a photographer who is willing to adapt the demands of photography. Human interests and landscape photography has remained his two favorite fields. He believes that humanity and nature speak a unique ‘language’ through their own natural traits, and if paired with well-conceived lighting,… Read More
Born in the village of Peliatan in Ubud, Wayan Bawa Antara comes from a family of artists which then continuously triggered and encouraged him to explore his talent. As one of the most favored Balinese artists today, he is known to work on realistic style, influenced by the modern life… Read More
Children are what inspires Atmi Kristiadewi the most. As an artists, she takes her own experiences as the guideline to go through her art journey. On the other hand, being involved in a child’s innocent world has opened up her horizons, leading her to depict her thoughts through ‘naïve’ portrayals… Read More