Whose Canvas: Uuk Paramahita

Uuk Paramahita grew up as a kid who loved to draw, but also had a dream to be a musician. Realizing that he did not really have a grip on music, he decided to turn his direction and put focus on his other talent.
How did you get into this scene?
My initial foray into the scene was when I discovered that the arts could represent my soul very well. I thought that painting was something very pleasant. Then, the confidence to keep creating was born, and it continued even when I had to go through unpleasant moments. However, the challenges turned out to be encouraging life lessons.
Now, let’s talk about your art. What is your style?
My art is naive. Let me reiterate that the naïve style here is an honest expression that appears as what it is. It’s not always associated with childhood or being childish. For me, this style is about pure character, an honest expression of the soul which is not distressed by any specific principles in mind. Thus, the naive character reveals itself.
What theme are you pursuing?
I’m basically more into social reality. I visualize it by using the character I have, leading my creations to be something more imaginary. While describing the reality, I won’t visualize without observing it first as I feel worried if the works turn out to be too illustrative, just like comics or caricatures. Therefore, I always venture without being stuck on a particular concept of discourse.
Where do you normally find your inspiration?
I never look for inspiration specifically, but I believe in working with good intentions. Spontaneously and gradually, it will form, and this is the point where the story will start. The most important thing is the aesthetic element of the concept.
How about the colors in each of your works?
Selection of color is an important thing that has to be thought about. Colors will give particular expressions something that can touch feelings. Furthermore, it also becomes a self-identity.
What is the best thing being an artist?
The best thing that I feel as an artist is the filter inside of me to always absorb something positive, so that I won’t be easily directed to a negative thing. It lets me become more aware of my existence as an artist, and it makes me realize that it’s certainly not good if I’m affected by such a bad thing. As an artist, it’s the purity of the soul that is important.


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