Whose Canvas: Made Adi Putra Sentana

Made Adi Putra Sentana is a young emerging artist who hails from the village of Tampaksiring. Taking inspiration from the environmental, he plays with deep colors, complete with human expressions and gestures to tell what he has on his mind.
How did you get into the world of arts?
It began as a childhood hobby. Meanwhile, living in a neighborhood of artists has got me involved in the world of arts indirectly. As it got deeper, I pursued art seriously by taking formal studies.
What is your biggest motivation to become an artist?
Being an artist was my childhood goal as I wanted to create something that can inspire people. It had then become a motivation for me to realize it.
Where did you study?
I studied at the High School of Arts in Batubulan. Then, I continued to the Institute of Arts Indonesia in Denpasar, majoring in painting. I’ve been active in art exhibitions since I started my degree in 2009.
Do you have any figures who inspire you in creating art?
Many people have inspired me, including the late maestro, Gusti Nyoman Lempad. I also admire Nyoman Gunastra. Despite his age, he is still active in creating his art. His works show the expression of scratches and purity of lines. His works, too, are remembered all the time, and have inspired me and many people.
What about your style?
My style tends to be figurative. It’s characterized by the subjects’ expressions and gestures that support the themes of my works.
What is the best thing as an artist?
Being an artist is a great privilege. As an artist, I can express whatever I feel through the creations which inspire many people.
And as a young artist, what are the challenges?
It took a long time to become an artist. As a young artist, there were certainly a lot of challenges that I had encountered, starting from the search for identity which makes the characteristics of an artist. Besides, you also need consistency in creating art, as well as a struggle in marketing it so that the works have value.


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