Whose Canvas: Irene Hoff

Currently residing in Bali, Irene Hoff has lived and worked across Southeast Asia over the past years. Starting off as a graphic and product designer, she then decided to focus on the creation of art, with the diverse cultures she gained from her extensive journey strongly influencing her style and theme. What shown by her art are mostly vivid colors, unique styles and visual elements, blending harmonically to take art lovers into a mystical world that often only exists in the imagination.
How did you find the artist inside you?
The artist was always there as every child is born with it. You just have to reconnect with it by being genuine, staying close to who you really are.
What fascinates you the most about art?
What I love about art is that it communicates with you, and that it allows you to see for what you are ready to see, what fits with you and the part of the journey you are at. A painting can give you just this little bit extra you need to get through the day, to change a negative into positive thought.
And what draws you to this pop-art-kind-of style?
I like the playfulness, the mystery and the light, happy colors.
Moving to “Dreamworld”, what is it actually all about?
It is about the world you can create in your mind and slowly pull it into your reality. As Picasso said, ‘Anything you can imagine is real’. Stop the ‘I can never do this’, just believe in the end result, more over feel how you will feel when it would manifest in your life, and let the universe do the rest. The only thing you need to do is believe and be ready to receive.
How did you choose the subject matter for your works included in this exhibition?
It is a mix of the series I have done so far. Part is from the World of Beast, with an emphasis on the animals who are facing extinction. Next to that, I have the World of Weast which is the mix between elements from the West and the East, on which you could create your ideal world.


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