Whose Canvas: A.A. Gde Agung Jaya Wikrama

One of the emerging talents that Bali has today, A.A. Gde Agung Jaya Wikrama, or commonly known as Gungde, started his art journey in 2008. This young figure is now active in the art scene with his colorful and decorative works containing the topics that address Balinese identity shift.
What style do you pursue?
A decorative style, with an exploration of Balinese traditional paintings, fused with contemporary forms.
Explain the process of creating your art?
It always starts with my interest in traditional painting. Then, I explore the traditional forms by giving modern patterns without losing its original identity. The result are these hybrid-like visual forms.
What topics do you focus on?
The topics that come from our surroundings, mostly social-cultural issues.
What is your art’s characteristics?
My art contains narrative works which mostly talk about the social issues and realities as the chosen theme. The visual forms are then processed and shown as a parody.
Generally, what are you trying to convey through your work that is exhibited currently?
A shift in social behavior that has deviated from the Balinese philosophy called Tri Hita Karana (three reasons for prosperity). This deviation makes the role of this philosophy vague and unclear among Balinese people themselves, caused by today’s human behaviors.


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