Whose Canvas: Ayu Feny

Meet Ayu Feny, one of the most talented emerging female artists the island has. Born into a family of painters, it is no surprise that she has been painting since she was a little girl. Growing up with such talent, she continued to hone her skills to create better works. And here she is now, a young artist known for her distinctive, naïve-looking paintings which she created simply to share her insights and thoughts about life.
How do you find your inspiration, and what topics do you normally pursue?
My inspiration comes when I look through the artworks in books or catalogs. Thanks to technology, there are also so many sources of information that contain outstanding artworks nowadays. These photos and videos shared help trigger my creativity, and from there, the ideas for my works arise. Meanwhile, the topics that appear in my works are normally about nature, city atmosphere, Balinese culture, fashion and many others that focus on my personal experiences.
What is the process to create an artwork?
For me, the process to create an artwork begins when I visit the place that sells tools and materials to paint. It has become one of my habits, and it also evokes a sense of happiness that triggers me to create a new artwork. It sounds strange, indeed, but I really enjoy it.
What are the characteristics of your art?
Characteristics of my art are apparent in the depiction of feelings and expressions like pain and pleasure, and it all depends on the circumstances that I experience when painting. Not forgetting the main characteristic of my art which is the long-necked human.
Generally, what do you want to convey through your exhibited works at Art Patio?
These works are a depiction of my imagination about a life journey that I have experienced, which in essence is about women’s affection to men. I have also inserted a point about how valuable my partner is throughout my life journey since I met him for the first time nine years ago.


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