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Now- December 15th | Tonyraka Art Gallery

Revive, an exhibition at Tonyraka Art Gallery is giving a spot to four young Balinese local artists from ISI Yogyakarta; I Putu Adi Suanjaya, I Wayan Sudarsana, I Wayan Noviantara and I Wayan Bayu Mandira, to exhibit their works. Here, the paintings are trying to show the real meaning behind ‘Sasih Kapat’, a sacred momentum of Balinese culture in celebrating the joy of blossoming flowers, flourishing agriculture and human creativity. The efforts to explore the spirit of sacred moments of a tradition that grow around the artists environment are part of recognizing themselves and rearranging the framework of artistic identity that they will present in the future.
Jl. Raya Mas 86, Ubud,

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