Back in 2003, when he was bored with the formal elements of figurative art in his paintings, Wirantawan began to create pencil drawings on paper. He produces highly distinctive, painstakingly composed abstract drawings that cross a boundary between drawing and painting. In his drawings Wirantawan re-imagined the ordinary and invented a new artistic scenario. In order to transform the ordinary into art, he extracts its formal essence and uses this essence to perform a suspense-filled drama on paper.
How did you get into painting?
When I was a kid I drew random things anywhere I could, like the walls or even the ground because at that time I had very limited drawing facilities. The objects I drew most frequently are the things I saw on comics and Wayang puppetry. When I got to elementary school, I was interested in drawing on paper and cardboard with natural scenery themes, as well as Wayang characters. In junior high school, I sketched on paper books, and learned to paint by myself. Besides that, I also learned to carve with the guidance of my father. Then, it was suggested I go to art high School in Batubulan where I received further guidance from the art teachers there. At that time, I took a major in modern art, but on the sidelines, I studied traditional painting (silungan style/flora fauna). After finishing high school, I attempted to continue to ISI Jogja. I faced a lot of obstacles upon trying to enter. I failed twice. To wait for the next term, I stayed and worked in the Sukawati village then I was finally able to get into ISI Jogja on my 3rd attempt. From then on, I started a serious journey in painting.
What do you paint?
Since 2002 until now, I intensively use pencil and paper to draw. I took natural elements as the subjects, such as water, light, fire, soil, air, and natural forms such as: boxes, triangles, liquid, fine substances, solid, hard, and rough elements. Also, I draw something that is arranged in an orderly fashion, something that is spontaneous, and my representation of the form of subconsciousness. All of them are fused together to form a cosmic imaginary world.
What do you want to convey through the cosmic nature theme in your drawing?
Cosmic Energy generates forces that conceal inside the mind which can arise when I am conscious or unconscious while I am in the middle of processing my artwork. Natural energy such as light, fire, wind, soil, air and natural forms such as liquid or solids substances, something that is measurable or planned, and something that is spontaneous, all are intertwined with my imaginary world. They are capable in fostering energy of awareness, happiness into nature, mind and soul, giving positive meanings and energies in this life.
What makes a painting stand out for you?
That is highly relative and depends on the observer. However, in my personal opinion, a painting can stand out as long as it has an ability to touch the mind of anyone observing it. Also, it needs to able to give an enlightenment, peace, and happiness of mind and soul.


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