Nyoman Sani

In the world of art, she is one of the not-so-many women who have reached widespread acclaim. She is everything about a woman, unceasingly empowering other women through her art. Not stopping at one style, she is currently having her latest exhibition at Bali Buda Sanur, in which she explores coffee as the new medium of her art.
What is your art all about?
My art covers women. I am interested in their lifestyle, their characteristics and how they solve the problems in their daily routines and careers. Other aspects like their gestures and fashion also make exciting ideas to be laid on canvas.
How did you first get the idea of creating these female figures?
The idea sparked when I was doing my final art school project. The students were asked to make 12 original works. I was a bit confused of what I should make, but at the same time, I was reading a book about an urban life titled Midnight in Jakarta. That’s how the idea came out. I started painting the women and their lifestyle which weren’t too much explored in Bali at that time. This project was done in 2000.
What is the main characteristic of your art?
The head cutting. What I want to convey here is that people are not perfect, including women. We are lacking many things, and how I portray it is through the depiction of their heads. There will always be the face and the hair, but if you look through it, you can sometimes spot that either their nose or ears are missing. With this vagueness, I believe my objects still look good and pretty when they are actually imperfect.
In your current exhibition, you use coffee as the medium for your painting. What is interesting from this medium?
Although the pigmentation of coffee is different, it feels great to work with this natural medium. What’s more, coffee is very easy to be applied on drawing paper.
How does coffee effect the final outcome of your art, especially in your portrayals of women?
The portrayals of female characters in these works are actually still the same; not so much different from those that use other media. What’s different is the taste and smell of coffee that somehow gives a different feeling to the outcome.
Will you continue using coffee as your art medium?
Yes, I will continue exploring it. It’s really fun to discover new things with coffee.
Part of the exhibition proceeds will be donated to Rumah Sehat Madani, a non-profit community birthing and medical clinic in Denpasar, as well as Karangasem residents who are affected by Mount Agung eruption.


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