Made Kenak Dwi Adnyana

Madek Kenak Dwi Adnyana was born and raised in Kintamani. Although he did not grow up in an artistic environment, he has now established himself as one of the most emerging artists in local art scene. Through his art, he portrays the landscape of his homeland. As the landscape is the most essential image of nature’s ‘body’ for him, he reflects the existence of nature through his works, portraying both the good and harsh realities which are faced by the nature.
Why are you interested in creating art?
I think my talent and hobby were the ‘seeds’ that would continue to evolve over the time. However, the main factor was still the process; how the talent and hobby were developed and honed with the basic art knowledge. Therefore, I went to study fine arts in the university. From the learning process, I started to recognize things like the tools and materials which are used to create art. Meanwhile, the point that made me very sure to pursue my art career was when I got many references and began to know many figures in the art scene.
What is your source of inspiration in creating your works?
My art is much inspired by the beauty of the landscape of my birthplace in Kintamani. From the aesthetic experiences that I have been through, there are various things that evoke my senses to make it as the themes of my works. However, on my works, I don’t just portray what I see from the beauty of the landscape. There are other things that also intrigue me. In my creative process, I don’t only focus on two-dimensional works. I also create three-dimensional works to accommodate these ideas.
How about the concept of your art?
My works explore a lot about nature. However, I don’t describe nature as a whole here. I place more emphasis on a spatial value in which landscape becomes the basic object. I then add to it with geometric and artificial forms, presenting a narrative that is more than just painting nature.
Through your color selection, what emotions do you want to convey?
There are two things that affect my decision to use bright colors on my works. First, visually, the use of bright colors is a form of my courage to get out of my habit of using calm and plain colors. Second, conceptually, these bright colors represent my emotional expression of the dominance of the colorful objects on my works, so that people won’t only be focusing on seeing the beauty of nature that I paint, but also turning their attentions to these artificial forms.


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