Ketut Agus Murdika

When many said that abstract painting had had its day, Ketut Agus Murdika did not stop what he had started. He is now among the few abstract artists who are still making waves in the scene, creating art through wild colors and his unlimited imagination.
What is art for you?
For me, art is life, happiness and health. Art is a meditation; a medium for my mind to channel the passion and create fine works.
What style do you pursue?
For the style of painting, there are actually a few styles that I’m pursuing such as abstract and figurative styles. However, I’m focusing and working more on abstract style.
Where does your inspiration come from?
Inspiration can come from many things in life. For instance, nature, the beauty of nature, events, as well as what I’m feeling about something that is happening at the moment.
What are you trying to say through your works?
What I want to convey through my works is actually my feelings, as well as my perspective on life. How I enjoy the world and its contents.
How about your pieces of art now exhibited at Bentara Budaya Bali.
In the work exhibited at Bentara Budaya Bali, I present an abstract work where I’ve combined iron plate and other metals. I use these materials as an experiment, as well as an exploration of different materials. Beyond that, I also want to show the audience that our nature is rich. Besides its beauty, our nature also has, and stores, various kinds of materials that we might need.


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