I Putu Adi Suanjaya “Kencut”

Born in Bali, I Putu Adi Suanjaya “Kencut” pursued his childhood passion to become an artist by enrolling in the Art Institute of Yogyakarta. For all his life, he was always surrounded by art activities starting from the traditional Balinese art through to modern 3D art installations. His current focal point is bringing dolls to life with his 2-Dimensional artworks, as well as statues and 3D art installments.

How did you begin your journey as an artist?
I was involved in the world of art since I was in elementary school. I joined a studio in Bali making Dulang crafts which are usually carried in religious ceremonies. A few years later, I entered vocational school, SMSR Bali, and immediately applyied for the art major. I tried to study painting at school as well as learned at a friend’s place in the Bedulu area of Gianyar, which is quite far from where I come from (Abiansemal, Badung). After I finished school in SMSR, I continued my education to a higher level at ISI Yogyakarta until I finished in early 2018.

Can you tell us more about your artwork?
I do many kinds of artwork. However I usually do 2-Dimensional art, 3D art installations and sculptures. For the paintings I usually use acrylic on canvas but sometimes I combine them with wood. Whereas for the 3d installation or sculptures, I use fabric, dacron and fiber glass.

What is the subject of your artwork?
The art that I’m currently exploring is that of doll characters, in which I bring into 2D or 3D artworks. In every piece I make, the doll acts as a metaphor in human life. I like to bring out the extraordinary of ordinary things. That’s why I want the doll to live like a human and I am the mastermind behind every scene the doll is in. It was just like Balinese people who often create dolls like Barong Rangda for their ceremonies and makes the Barong come to life.

About your artwork in ‘Revive’ exhibition?
The paintings that are now displayed in the exhibition have “Guardians” as the theme. It tells stories of how in this life there must be a guardian for people, whatever form it takes. In the paintings, the doll and what it rides plays an important role in a war, like the one in “Guardian Series – Attack with The Lucky” and “Guardian Series – Enjoy The Mayhem “. After the war ends, a new life regenerates just like what’s in “Guardian Series – Not Limited”. Whether it’s the beginning of evil or goodness in life, everything is connected in all of my work entitled “Guardian Seri3s – New Future #1 and #2”.


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