Dominic C

Dominic C knew that photography would become his destiny at a very young age. After taking a formal education and establishing an impressive record in Europe, he is currently building a professional career in Indonesia. His works is all about beauty and love for women. He tried to reveal the moment of truth and a uniqueness of every women by a gesture, an expression and emotion.
How did it start?
I started at a very young age, perhaps because my grandfather was a photographer and it runs in my blood. I remembered back then when I was twelve, I had a pocket camera and when my father could afford to buy a new SLR, I stole it right away and went around and took photos. At seventeen years old, when my school friends dreamt of being businessmen, doctors, or architects, I was the only one that wanted to be a photographer and I did it wholeheartedly.
What kind of formal education?
I tried to enroll into photography school in Paris. Back then they only accepted 25 students out thousands of applicants. I thought that it would be a hard competition for me. And unfortunately, I failed to enter the school then I attended a public school in Brussels because they had a photography major. I studied photography for three years, mostly technical but they taught me how to make money from taking photos as journalists, artists and how to build a business from it.
What makes a picture stand out for you?
I really consider the basic aspects on making a picture good. Most people take pictures and then think about it later, but not me. I believe preparation makes a winning shot. You should prepare what you work on. Starting from the mood of the models, the concept, pose and most importantly what kind of picture you want to get in the end. Lighting is also important for me because in photography you basically capture the reflection of light, so if you want your picture to stand out, your lighting should be good from the very beginning.
What is your biggest achievement so far?
To be appreciated by Indonesian people, and recently being invited to have an exhibition in an Indonesian gallery is my biggest achievement and I’m grateful for it. A lot of Indonesians confused comparing nudity, which is form of art, and pornography. I am also thankful that a lot of women I work with, eventually find themselves more feminine, sensual, and more confident after working with me. And the feeling of uplifting women makes me truly happy.

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