Dekta Suardita

Dekta Suardita is an artists residing in Gianyar whose passion is to share knowledge and insights through painting. He is currently teaching art classes in Ubud’s one and only Pondok Pekak Library and his own studio called Dita Art Studio in Gianyar. His ideas and point of view about this temporary life is poured into some of his paintings exhibited in Bloo art space, Padangbai until August 31.
How did it start?
The beginning of my art career, especially in painting, was not intentional. I used to work in bars and restaurants in Kuta and some hotels in Seminyak because I was looking for work experience to be able to work in a cruise ship. But then, I got sick for six months and wasn’t able to do any activity. After I got better, I really wanted to get productive again by getting a higher education. My parents advised me to get into religious study so that my life would be more organized. That’s why I chose Universitas Hindu Indonesia. However, I didn’t get the spot for religious studies major. Then a new art major was opening in the campus in which I was able to get into. Now, I’m the first graduate of art major of Universitas Hindu Indonesia.
Who inspired you the most?
I have a lot of people as my inspiration. Most of them are the art seniors in which among all of them, there is one person that inspires me the most. His name is I Ketut Suwidiarta. He is a lecturer in my campus as well as an advisor for me. His artwork and personality are some of the things that influence me in my artworks.
Do you have any special painting technique?
For my painting, I used a common technique like many other artists. However, most of my paintings are semi-traditional. I use various methods such as watercolour and acrylics to draw some figurative and 3D forms.
What do you want to convey through your art?
There is special meaning that I want to imply in almost all of my paintings. I want to tell people that life is short and we need to find a way to live it wisely. For me, a good artwork is the one which can raise an inspiration for those who look at it.


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