Lloyd: Escapes to Bali

DJ producer, Lloyd will be headlining the next Escape party at La Brisa on Wednesday, May 15 and The Beat had the chance to catch up for a few words on his extended sojourn on the Island of the [...]

The Beat VIP Card

Looking for some discounts around Bali?The Beat VIP key ring card is a very important piece of plastic and gets you all sorts of discounts all over town and it looks pretty cool hanging off your [...]

Stephan Kotas

Prague born photographer, Stephan embodies the word versatile. He traveled the globe since a young age documenting adventures, shooting places and faces he met along the way. Finally, he found [...]

Karma Spa: Your Passport to a New World of Wellbeing

LOOK Nestled at the award wining resort on the cliffs of the Bukit, Karma Spa consists of four rooms divided into two locations, three on top of a cliff and the other right at the beach. We got [...]

Alternative Beach

LOCATION Alternative Beach is the only all-encompassing day club in Bali that offers hostel accommodation (Kosone Hostel), private rooms (Canggu Village Accommodation), a Café (Eat Me), a fitness [...]

James Blake| Assume Form

7/10 orchestral maneuvers in the dark. James Blake’s transition from post dubstep producer to contemporary songwriter was something akin to the metamorphosis of a ghost assuming form. Blake has [...]

Servo Collection – Autumn 2019 from Ripcurl

Servo is an homage to a life on the road, the search for a four n’ twenny pie and choccy Big M, the sweet sensory cocktail of diesel fumes and brow sweat… A collection of essential pieces [...]

I Promised from The Bleach Room

The Bleach Room store is a true reflection of this creative melting pot and at the heart of this new concept store located in Berawa, hashtag ‘I Promise’. ‘I Promise’ is the mission statement of [...]

Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub | Gracie’s Traditional Irish Stew

Chef: Suastika Seeking classic Irish food? Look no further than Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub. Bali’s first Irish bar located at the Bali Dynasty Resort. Don’t know what to order? You can’t go wrong [...]

Breakfast at Tempted Restaurant & Lounge

OPEN AT 8 AM to 11PM If you want to start your morning at a nice place, with a full breakfast served with a beautiful presentation, alongside a good cup of coffee, put Tempted Restaurant on your [...]